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Join the fight to help MV resto expert Gary Wirth

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Our friend and award-winning military vehicle and car restoration expert, Gary Wirth, is in urgent need of help. For years, Gary has been one of the top go-to guys for the best in MV restoration. He made the old, new again. Refreshed the tired. Helped the battle-worn. Now it’s our turn to help him. We invite you to join us to offer financial help to him and his wife, Sherry, in this difficult time.

Gary was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in 2007. But now, his condition has worsened. He needs a T-cell transplant at Mayo Clinic in October, where they will essentially replace his immune system with that from a carefully selected donor. He has already started weekly preparation treatments and will continue to do so until the transplant surgery.

Once the transplant is completed at Mayo, he and Sherry will stay in Rochester for at least 3 months in near isolation for monitoring and follow-up treatment. The prognosis is good, but not certain, and the journey will take months on a long and sometimes difficult road.

Thankfully, their health insurance will pay for most of the transplant costs, but not for his stay. And without work or income until after his Rochester stay, their everyday expenses need to be covered as well.

The need is real. And the need is now. Their expenses are already mounting. Will you please help contribute to the Gary Wirth Restoration Trust?

Please send a check, make an immediate PayPal transfer payment, or make a deposit today at any Wells Fargo Bank to the Gary Wirth Restoration Trust account. Check our Facebook page for updates, more info and for ways to buy tickets for the M100 trailer raffle!

And we know that you, like us, will look for other ways to help them in the months to come, to let them know that they are in our hearts and prayers every day.

Questions & RSVP: Mike Dyer @ 612.840.1194 or 19645 Hills of Claire Ave., Prior Lake, MN 55372-8775 or

Wells Fargo Acct: Gary Wirth Restoration Trust

Facebook page: Gary’s Restoration

Please note: while all proceeds will go to Gary & Sherry, these
will not be tax-decutible donations. The cost and time required
to make that possible was too great and took too long.

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