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An American soldier dressed as Santa handing out candy to Vietnamese children.

A Touch of Christmas

Christmas is hard away from home. It is especially hard for soldiers. This is a small glimpse of Christmas in the military through the eyes of soldiers.

Santa list

Militaria Wish List 2019

We know it is hard for our friends and family to find holiday gifts that appeal to a military collector. This year give them some hints to hopefully find that special military collectible under the tree this Christmas morning.

 Although popular culture has presented the conical hat as representative of the Vietnam War, the singular headgear has a much deeper, longer history. For example, these Tirailleurs indochinois were photographed in Thessaloniki (Greece) in 1916 during the Balkans Campaign. Getty Images

The Military Conical Hat

Thanks in a large part to numerous Vietnam War films that were produced from the late 1970s through the early 1990s, there is now an iconic perception of pro-communist guerrillas, Vietcong supporters, and even regular North Vietnamese soldiers wearing large, conical hats.