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12-year-old killed by WWII-style Grenade

Sold as a souvenir, the antique ordnance was live. ATF is looking for leads on other possible live grenades sold at the same North Carolina antique store

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Bloody Ravine Painting

'Bloody Ravine,' 29-acres at the heart of Williamsburg's Civil War battlefield, now protected

American Battlefield Trust’s acquisition of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation tract was made possible by federal and state matching grants and private contributions.


Female CO will command aircraft carrier for first time

The Navy announced that Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt will assume command of USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), marking the first time a female commanding officer will lead the crew of one of the Navy’s 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

USS Iowa

Battleship USS Iowa Museum launches Plank Owner program for first-ever surface Navy museum

Free Plank Owner Program gives public a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a supporter of the future National Museum of the Surface Navy

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MRC-87 USMC Forward Air Control Jeep

1954 MRC-87 USMC Forward Air Control Radio Jeep

The Marines configured this rare M170-based Willys Jeep ambulance as a radio vehicle

M62 of the 587th Eng Co., ca 1959

M62 5-ton Wrecker: Historic photos of the US Army's "heavy hooker"

The G-744 (M39) series wrecker replaced the WWII Diamond T 969 and Ward La France M1 wreckers.


US Air Force  Begins HMMWV Replacement with JLTV

This means more HUMVEES entering the Surplus Stream!


The G-758 M170 Frontline Ambulance

Willys' MD-A 1/4-ton Truck — the M170 Ambulance — carried US military personnel during Cold War and Vietnam

This is the Holden Jeep in its original form. Faintly visible through the glass is a Stokes basket. Special canvas cab covers were created for the Holden Jeeps, which contributed to their boxy looks.

Photo-History of the WWII USMC Holden Jeep Ambulance

During WW2, US Marines fighting in the Pacific turned to General Motors-Holden in Australia to produce a Jeep-based Ambulance