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Inspired by science fiction or history? Space Force Reveals Prototype Uniforms

The US Space Force unveiled its new dress uniform design on September 21, 2021, aiming to make a future-forward mark for the Pentagon's newest uniformed service. Upon closer look, though, outside influence on the new clothes are obvious.


Breathing life back into UK marine history

New undertaking by the Arts and Humanities Research Council explores underwater shipwrecks using virtual reality, bringing the UK’s rich marine history to life and make it accessible to a global audience.


United States Space Force Reveals New Rank Insignia

Space Force specialist stripes represent "terra firma," a solid foundation of skills upon which the Space Force, represented by the Delta, is built.

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10 Questions with Bob Chatt & Joe Tonelli,

In an effort to create a collector's alternative to eBay that actually understands the collector mindset, they created Historical Auction Block ( with the motto, "Run by collectors FOR collectors."

Deven Huwig

She is an "under 20" collector of historic military relics

Deven Huwig of Ohio answer's Military Trader's 10 Questions about what it is like to be a female collector of militaria in a field dominated by white, older men

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David King’s GTB and 1941 trailer.

Gallery of Extant WWII Ford GTB Trucks

Between June 1942 and the end of WW2 in 1945, Ford Motor Company produced 15,274 low-silhouette trucks in the G-622 series. See these rolling examples.


Vintage military Dodge M37 takes 5th in Class in the 2021 2,300-mile Great Race

Competing against a field of vintage and classic cars, Upstate New York Team pilot a vintage military Dodge ¾-ton Weapons Carrier to take 5th in their class!


GM Defense awarded $36.4 million development contract to build heavy-duty Suburbans for U.S. government agencies

GM tapped to develop and validate next generation Large Support Utility Commercial Vehicles (SUV) for future fleet production in support of the Department's Diplomatic Security Service (DSS).