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The Hall of Fame will preserve the people's choices of top vehicles from each of Military Vehicle Magazine's Virtual All-World Military Vehicle Shows. 

Stevens Point, Wisc. March 28Military Vehicles Magazine (MVM) has just announced the initial inductees into the “Military Vehicle Hall of Fame.” The virtual museum promises to hold and keep the records of vehicles chosen by public vote at each of the Magazine’s online Virtual All-World Military Vehicle Shows.

Because so many shows and rallies were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MVM hosted its first Virtual Online Military Show in 2020. More than 100 private owners of historic military vehicles from around the world “entered” their vehicles in the Facebook Group-hosted show. They invited friends, family, and other enthusiasts to “vote” for their entry by “liking” the original post. After six months, MVM closed the show, tabulated the results, and announced the winners.

In addition to the accolades of winning in one of six categories, the owners of the historic military vehicles were notified that their vehicles became the first class to be inducted into the Military Vehicle Hall of Fame.

“We saw the opportunity to recognize these historic military vehicles,” said John Adams-Graf, long-time editor of MVM. “For years, we have struggled with how to reward the efforts of so many who preserve these incredible military relics. The problem has been, it is nearly impossible to judge a Jeep in New Jersey against another one in, say, Australia. The pandemic presented the opportunity to hold an online show that relied on popular votes rather than critical evaluation of the ‘accuracy’ or quality of a restoration. The Hall of Fame truly became a ‘People’s Hall of Fame,’ filled with inductees chosen by popular vote.”

The initial class of inductees includes six vehicles. “We purposefully kept the categories broad to encourage all to participate,” Adams-Graf added. Currently, the categories include: ¼-ton Wheeled Vehicles (Jeeps); ½-to 3/4-ton Wheeled Vehicles; 1-to 2-ton Wheeled Vehicles 2-1/2 and larger Wheeled Vehicles; Armor and/or Tracked Vehicles; and Other.

MVM will preserve the record of each inductee including the vehicle’s serial number, who restored it, and who owned the vehicle when inducted. 

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Established in 1987, Military Vehicles Magazine is the United States’ preeminent magazine for hobbyists dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and use of historic military vehicles ("HMVs"). It is published by the Home Group, a division of Active Interest Media, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. 

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