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Military Vehicle Hall of Fame

Military Vehicle Magazine preserves the people's choices in this gallery of historic military Jeeps, trucks, tanks, tracked vehicles, motorcycles, and other vehicles that served.

In 2020, the staff of Military Vehicles Magazine hosted its first, online "Virtual All-World Military Vehicle Show." We invited people to submit photos of their historic military vehicle to the Facebook Group. Visitors to the group could vote for their favorite vehicles by "liking" the posts. 

Military Vehicle Hall of Fame: What it Means

After several months, the 2020 Virtual Show closed, votes were tabulated, and winners announced. The winners of each of the six categories became the first inductees in the Military Vehicle Hall of Fame. 

Each year, as more winners are declared, they will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

In no way, does induction to the Hall of Fame indicate "correctness" or accuracy of a restoration, however. It is simply a reflection of the people's choice — what they like. 

It is a distinction that says, "This vehicle is acknowledged by the majority of viewers" — an honor the vehicle will carry forward. The Hall of Fame is Military Vehicle Magazine's way of acknowledging this honor and preserving the record.  

1955 M38A1 inducted 2020

Timothy Slawson's M38A1

Timothy Slawson's M38A1

*Model of Vehicle: M38A1

*Year of Manufacture: 1955

*Serial number / VIN: MD 85286

*Restored by: Tim Slawson with assistance from the Monroe Marauders, Inc. and Dwain Macks for the engine. Body work and painting by Key Largo Collision, Key Largo, Florida.

*Owner when inducted: Timothy Slawson

*Owner's Statement: Found on a farm in Alabama. Formerly a US Air Force vehicle so restored as a US Air Force Air Police vehicle with a tribute to father, Calvin Slawson, who served in the US Air Force as a canine security officer.

1952 M37 inducted 2020

Murray Woodhouse's M37

Murray Woodhouse's M37

*Model of Vehicle: Dodge M37 4x4 Cargo Truck

*Year of Manufacture: 1952*

*Serial number / VIN: S/N 80008470 - Production sequence 2458 delivered June 1951

*Restored by: HP (Pat) Underwood, Mount Vernon, Ohio 2006 - 2009

*Owner when inducted: Murray Woodhouse

*Owner's Statement: Imported into New Zealand in 2017 after completing the 2017 MVPA Route 66 Convoy. In 2018, the motor, brakes, and gearbox were overhauled. I purchased the truck in May 2020. It is one of only three M37s in New Zealand and is an active participant in New Zealand Military Vehicles convoys and events. It is a thrill and a privilege to own this truck.

1967 M715 inducted 2020

David Schwarz's 1967 M715

David Schwarz's 1967 M715

*Model of Vehicle: Kaiser Jeep M715 Weapons Carrier

*Year of Manufacture: 08/1967

*Serial Number / VIN: #14420

*Restored and owned by: David Schwarz

*Owner's Statement: I bought this M715 in Sept. of 2004 and began restoration in December of 2004. I rolled it out of my shop April of 2005 — all finished. 

Restoration was a complete frame off and every piece of metal was stripped to bare metal. This was my first MV and has led to my green iron disease which has led me to a total of 5 vehicles in my current motorpool. 

She is no trailer queen and I drive quite often, especially in the summer with the top down. In 2011, I displayed it at the Dayton MVPA Convention and won a gold metal with it. 

This vehicle is marked for the 313th ASA out of FT. Bragg which was a unit in which my father served during the early 1960s. 

The most fun I have with this (and all my other military vehicles) is getting the opportunity to help the local veterans in parades around the area. Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, and the Moving Vietnam Wall, to name just some of the great area parades we have taken the vehicles to.

1970 AM General M35A2 inducted 2020

Mike Davidsen's M35A2

Mike Davidsen's M35A2

*Model of Vehicle: M35A2 2-1/2 ton Cargo Truck — "Deuce-and-a-half"

*Year of Manufacture: 1970

*Restored by: Mike Davidsen

*Owner when inducted: Mike Davidsen

*Owner's Statement: Truck was purchased at auction just after rebuild at auction in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Unit had 38 miles on the odometer when purchased. Driven to many military vehicle shows and off-roading events in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana. 

1941 White M2A1 Half-Track inducted 2020

Keith Spillman's M2A1

Keith Spillman's M2A1

*Model of Vehicle: White M2A1

*Year of Manufacture: 1941

*Serial number / VIN: 231640

*Restored by: Keith Spillman

*Owner when inducted: Keith Spillman

*Owner's Statement: She was used for training during WWII on a Army base in Colorado. When she was sold as surplus, a railroad bought her to move cars around rail yard. Later, she went to Texas where she sat for many years before coming to North Carolina around 2000. 

I restored the half-track as a tribute to all the men that trained on her but who never returned home after the war.

1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe  inducted 2020

Kenny Ganz's Plymouth Special Deluxe Staff Car

Kenny Ganz's Plymouth Special Deluxe Staff Car 

*Model of Vehicle: Plymouth p12 Special Deluxe

*Year of Manufacture: 1941

*Serial number / VIN: Body#300 A 67344 U.S.#137289

*Restored by: Ed Roach and Kenny Ganz

*Owner when inducted: Kenny Ganz

*Owner's Statement: The furthest back I can trace the vehicle is from a now defunct used car dealer in New Jersey in 1972. I acquired it in 1993 in Duchess County NY.

During the restoration completed by Ed Roach and myself, we were able to determine the U.S.A. number as 137289. An interesting find upon re-doing the interior was that I discovered a copy of a War Department issued Staff Officers' Field Manual dated June 15th 1941 beneath the rear seat. 

My wife and I really enjoy taking it to parades and car shows so that folks today can understand and appreciate a not-so-common historic military vehicle. 

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