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As the spread of the Corona Virus cancelled shows in early 2020, we looked for ways to keep our hobby vibrant and engaging. 

One of those efforts was the creation of the “All-World Virtual Military Vehicle Show back in March 2020. Using Facebook’s “Groups” feature, we invited our 42,000+ followers to participate by posting photos of their vehicles and voting for their favorites.

Over the following five months, more than 1,400 joined the group. Enthusiasts and collectors from around the world entered more than 100 vehicles. Thousands of people viewed the show and voted for their favorite vehicles by "liking." The show ended on August 31, 2020. 

2020 All World Virtual MV Show: Winners

Top Vote winners received a dash plaque, 1-year subscription to Military Vehicles Magazine, and a copy of MAXPRO MRAP: A Visual History.

Thank you, all, for participating through submitting an entry or voting. It gave all of us a little enjoyment and hope during this very unusual time. Keep ‘em rolling! 

TOP VOTES: 1/4-ton Jeeps

Timothy Slawson's 1955 M38A1 with 235 votes.

Timothy Slawson's 1955 M38A1 with 235 votes. 

Runner Up: 1/4-ton Jeeps

Carmine Terracciano's 1944 MB with 217 votes.

Carmine Terracciano's 1944 MB with 217 votes.

TOP VOTES: Trucks, 1/2-3/4-ton 

Murray Woodhouse's 1952 M37 with 192 votes.

Murray Woodhouse's 1952 M37 with 192 votes.

Runner Up: Trucks, 1/2 to 3/4-ton 

Christopher Causley's 1952 M37

Christopher Causley's 1952 M37 with 168 votes. 

TOP VOTES: Trucks, 1 to 2-ton

David Schwarz's 1967 M715 with 277 votes.

David Schwarz's 1967 M715 with 277 votes. 

Runner Up: Trucks, 1 to 2-ton

M725 1967 David Schwarz

David Schwarz's 1967 M725 with 219 votes. 

TOP VOTES: Trucks, 2-1/2-ton and Larger

Mike Davidsen's M35A2 with 177 votes.

Mike Davidsen's M35A2 with 177 votes.

Runner Up: Trucks 2-1/2-ton and Larger

M62 Wrecker Ron van Meeteren

Ron van Meeteren M62 Wrecker with 162 votes.  


Keith Spillmann's M2A1 half-track

Keith Spillmann's M2A1 half-track with 312 votes (top votes received in the show!).

Runner Up: Armor

Kevin Lockwood's 1944 LVT-3.

Kevin Lockwood's 1944 LVT-3 with 170 votes.  

TOP VOTES: All Other Vehicles

Kenny Ganz's 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe Staff Car with 221 votes.

Kenny Ganz's 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe Staff Car with 221 votes.

Runner Up: All other vehicles

Tony DiMaiolo's 1943 Case VAI.

Tony DiMaiolo's 1943 Case VAI with 199 votes.


We want to thank everyone who participated. This has been a lot of fun. We got to see vehicles from around the world. To share them all with you, we have created the galleries below based with vehicles organized in our judging categories.  The vehicles appear in no special order and do not reflect the number of "votes" received.

Thank you to all who entered and voted. This has been a really fun show. We hope you enjoyed "going to the show" while remaining safe in your own home.  

Based on the popularity of this show, we will host another: The Spring 2021 All World Vehicle Show. Log onto our Military Vehicles Magazine's Facebook page and watch for details. Or, subscribe to our FREE Militar-E-News for announcements and all the latest in hobby news.

Be safe and “Keep ‘em rolling!”

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