Top 10 Army Modernization Efforts of 2016

by David Vergun WASHINGTON (Army News Service) — Supporting the fight around the globe means providing Soldiers with the most advanced technology available. The right technology can ensure overmatch against future adversaries in an increasingly complex and dangerous world, where the … More »

What’s Hot in 2016?

What will be the hot military items in 2016? Trends in the military hobby are not always difficult to predict: Items that soldiers were eager to find as souvenirs have become the hot collectibles today. For example, German Luger pistols … More »

What’s the Hot Militaria for 2015?

What will be the hot military items in 2015? Trends in the military hobby are not always difficult to predict: Items that soldiers were eager to find as souvenirs have become the hot collectibles today. There are some growth areas in the hobby, however, that may not be as obvious. More »

Notes from the field: Ethanol, Vapor Lock and other Gas Woes

Today’s gas issues have certainly given historic military vehicle (HMV) owners some significant challenges, especially given the prevalence of ethanol in fuel. If ethanol is new to your area, and you are just starting to use it, the first word of caution is: Watch your fuel filters. Ethanol is an excellent cleaner and solvent. Read on to learn more about it. More »

Historic MV sale generates $2.9M for National Military History Center

Auctions America concluded its 2012 auction season on a positive note on the weekend, helping the historic National Military History Center (NMHC), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in Auburn, Indiana, sell more than 80 vintage military vehicles as well as a diverse assortment of more than 100 pieces of priceless war memorabilia at no reserve. Featuring the largest group of full and half-track military items ever offered at public auction, the five-hour sale captured the attention of the global collector community, generating $2,976,605 hammer in sales before a packed house. More »

A Long Legacy: Collecting relics from the Battle of Gettysburg

The great Battle of Gettysburg was worth commemorating even as it raged and both soldiers and besieged residents of the town took the opportunity to preserve important mementoes of the fight. Many of these early relics formed the basis for some of the largest of the Gettysburg collections. Several of the most significant collections of Gettysburg artifacts were assembled by Gettysburg civilians who witnessed the fight — J. Howard Wert, John Rosensteel and John Spangler. More »

From field to finish… M38A1C: A 1-Year Project

It was during the winter of 2009 when Angelo Salvadore discovered what would become his newest project. While in a conversation with Herman Morrill of Hubbardston, Mass., Angelo shared stories about his hobby of restoring older vehicles. Herman told Angelo that he had an “older military jeep” in his backyard and would be willing to give it to him if he was interested. Upon seeing the Jeep, Angelo recognized it as a “military cannon jeep.” Upon further investigation, it was revealed to be a 1952 M38A1C Jeep. This particular jeep was rare to “find in whole”—most of were cut into pieces with a torch and scrapped. Without hesitation, Angelo decided to take on this restoration. More »

Air Trails on a Cross

An interesting relic surfaced at a recent antique show in the form of what appeared to be a typical WWI Iron Cross, 1st Class. On the surface, it was typical with nothing more than the date “7/16 1917” inked on the top of the case. The reverse held a different, and a quite intriguing story. More »