American Experimental Helmets From WWI

When the United States entered the First World War on the side of the Allies in 1917, the major powers of Europe had been fighting for nearly three years. In that time, trenches stretched from Switzerland in the south to the English Channel in the north. This environment had caused the combatant armies to adapt their weapons and equipment. One such piece, the steel helmet, was born out of this necessity. More »

From Behind the Iron Curtain: Communist Bloc Helmets

Although Soviet helmet designs were widely adopted in the years following the end of the World War, there is actually a great deal of variety in the types of helmets used throughout the Communist Bloc. Today, it is easy to think of Soviet domination across Eastern Europe, but one must understand that the various nations still maintained their unique national identity in terms of uniforms and equipment. This was most certainly true of helmets. More »

Glengarry: Headgear of the Highlanders

F ollowing the Napoleonic wars, many nations in Europe began a series of reforms to update and modify their armies’ uniforms and equipment. This lengthy process addressed the basic headdress, which had evolved into tall shakos or other lavish hats … More »