Sale of Putnam Green Collection continues

Excitement builds for premiere firearms auction Lot 3189. Desirable WWII inland M1 carbine with M3 infrared sniper scope and accessories. Estimate: $4,500-$6,500. Rock Island Auction Company announces their premiere collector’s firearms auction to be held Sept. 9, 10 and 11 … More »

Relive the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor

Battleship Cove launches dynamic new exhibit Relive the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Using state-of-the-art special effects technology, The Pearl Harbor Experience at Battleship Cove takes you back in time to a seminal moment in our nation’s history that rallied … More »

Gettysburg tree yields Civil War bullets

One appears to be a Minie ball Charge of the 2nd Maryland Infantry, CSA into the “slaughterpen” at Culp’s Hill, Battle of Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. So severe were the casualties among the Marylanders that General Steuart is said to … More »

Atten-HUT! Reviving WWII Quonset Huts

Building at Camp Hastings Living History Museum We’ve all seen, and many of us have completed, restorations of HMVs, everything from Cushman scooters to jeeps and M-series Dodges, from CCKWs and DUKWS to the random Sherman tank. But how many … More »

MV spotlight: Marmon-Herrington

The MK IV armored car A product of South Africa? No, the MK IV armored car was based on a chassis supplied by Marmon Herrington of Indianapolis, Ind. The finished vehicles incorporated a mix of both Marmon Herrington parts and … More »

Civil War photo ID help found in a tip of the cap

While studying a Civil War tintype of what appeared to be a Union cavalry trooper, clues about the soldier’s identity revealed itself in a most unusual manner. The soldier’s sword belt with cross strap and brace of Colt revolvers quickly indicated a mounted role, but his Union Army 9-button infantry frock coat seem to contradict that conclusion. It would have been easy to consider the anomalous mounted sword belt and revolvers as “studio props” (an explanation used far too frequently among collectors and dealers of military photographs). Regardless of the incongruous uniform, weapons and accouterment, something about this portrait had an air of legitimacy. The question was, could the details reveal what it was? More »