Drawing owned by Hitler at auction

  Ratisbon’s 13th Contemporary History Auction – their biggest auction so far! Bidding is open until September 25, 2016. Ratisbon’s wants introduce one of the most important pieces of Third Reich art available on the market. Not only as it was … More »

Oshkosh Defense to build boom forklift fleet

Oshkosh Defense announced the U.S. Marine Corps has approved the fielding of the newly modernized Extendable Boom Forklift (EBFL-M) fleet. Oshkosh will begin delivering EBFL-M vehicles to the initial fielding locations later this month. Oshkosh is scheduled to deliver 535 vehicles … More »

Reader Photos – 2016

          Military Vehicles Magazine welcomes photo submissions from its readers of any MVs, new or old. Send photos with a brief description to: Military Vehicles Magazine, Attn: Reader Photos, 700 East State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001. All submissions become … More »

A “Frankenstein” M939A2

by Silvio Iacuone During 2014, some odd-looking M939A2 trucks came up for sale on the Government Liquidation auction site. All of the vehicles released were A2 versions with CTIS and the Cummins 6CTA8.3 diesel engine. Most have the 5-speed Allison, … More »