Henry Repeating Arms supports the VFW

Henry Repeating Arms donates $50,000 and gives Service Officer of the Year tribute rifle at the VFW National Convention NEW ORLEANS /PRNewswire/ — VFW Service Officer of the Year Raymond Denisewich was presented with a Henry Repeating Arms Military Service Tribute … More »

Col. Robert Shaw’s Sword Found

Col. Robert Gould Shaw, commander of the all-African American 54th Massachusetts Voluntary Infantry, carried a British-made sword into battle during an ill-fated attack on Fort Wagner, South Carolina, in 1863. Shaw, along with other fallen members of his regiment, were stripped of their weapons … More »

Turkey purchases Russian missiles

Turkey, a NATO ally, recently arranged to purchase four Russian-made S-400 mobile missile batteries at a cost of $2.5 billion over the next several years. However, according to Pentagon officials, the Russian surface-to-air-missile systems are not compatible with NATO air defense … More »