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Open letter: Urgent help needed from WI MV owners

Wisconsin considers bills that could determine future of hobby
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Dear Fellow Red Arrow MVPA Member,

The Wisconsin DOT continues to refuse to register and license our former military vehicles and may cancel your registration at any time.

Two different important bills to protect your driving privilege have been introduced and are being considered right now by the members of the state Assembly and Senate transportation committee’s. Both bills would create a needed statute change to allow you to keep your former military vehicle on the road.

In just a few days, the senate committee votes to allow an HMV bill to be considered or dropped. The vote is on Feb 4th and the Assembly committee does the same on Feb 11.

The list of committee members for both committees is [listed below].

We strongly urge you to immediately call or e-mail the transportation committee members in the senate and assembly and tell the person who answers that you are calling about the pending bills for Former Military Vehicle Registration. Keep it brief and ask them for three things:

1) Support a bill to allow preservation and use of historic military vehicles in Wisconsin.

2) Keep the bill simple. We are against creating a list of “approved models” and are against classifying a maximum size or weight. Both are unworkable, unnecessary and discriminate.

3) Support a bill and amendments that allows use of these special interest vehicles as historic vehicles with the least restrictions and should allow occasional private recreational use.

The e-mail link to the senate members is and the assembly is

The Erpinbach senate bill is SB 392 (AB 589 in assembly)(Collector plate) and the Hansen bill is senate bill SB 404 (AB592 in assembly)(HMV plate)

Our Blog Site has text of the bills, our hearing testimony and a report of last week’s hearings. Check the site at

WE ALL NEED TO GET INVOLVED NOW. Call or E mail them now.


Jeff Rowsam
MVPA and Wisconsin HMV Legislative Coordinator
Denmark, Wisconsin

Senate Members of the Wisconsin Committee on Transportation
Senator Jim Holperin (Chair)
Senator Jim Sullivan
Senator Jeffrey Plale
Senator David Hansen
Senator Joseph Leibham
Senator Neal Kedzie
Senator Glenn Grothman

AssemblyMembers of the Wisconsin Committee on Transportation
Representative John Steinbrink (Chair)
Representative Ted Zigmunt (Vice-Chair)
Representative Amy Sue Vruwink
Representative Phil Garthwaite
Representative Jason Fields
Representative Penny Bernard Schaber
Representative Christine Sinicki
Representative Jerry Petrowski
Representative Alvin Ott
Representative Jeff Stone
Representative Garey Bies
Representative Keith Ripp


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