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Scenes from the 2007 Iola Military Vehicles Show

Trucks...Tanks...Tractors...and "Doughnut Dollies" descended on Iola, Wisconsin, August 11-12 to see the military vehicles, gun show, militaria vendors and "old working wheels" display. Check out our extensive photo review of this event.

More than 7,000 visitors (a bit down from 2006) descended on Iola, Wisconsin, August 11-12 to see the military vehicles, gun show, militaria vendors and "old working wheels" display. 460 swap spaces were filled, 120 military vehicles displayed, 80 gun show tables occupied and 170 vintage tractors and equipment exhibited. Military Vehicles Magazine was proud to be an active participant and contributor to the show.

The Iola Vintage Military Vehicle & Gun Show with Vintage Tractors and Equipment Show is held each year on the second weekend in August. The 2008 dates are August 9-10. For more information, log on to

1952 GMC M135 reconstructed in 1982 with 140 HP 302, dual range auto transmission, 12' Heil dump box, 100x20 rears, 14.5 x 20 fronts and a 14' plow. Offered for sale by Alfa Heaven


Another Alfa Heaven truck--this one began life as a 1968 Kaiser Jeep M543A2 6x6 Heavy Recovery Unit.


Mark Austin's M123A1C 10-ton tractor pleased the parade viewers!


In addition to a full booth filled with parts, Midwest Military brought a couple of vehicles to sell, including the M38A1


Midwest Military had a WWII WC52 for sale.


Alfa Heaven sold this 1970 Kaiser Jeep M35A2 for $9,000.


Another Alfa Heaven offering was this 1968 M715 reconstructed in 1983 with a 455 V8, 400 Turbo tranny with 3:1 chain reduction, GMC transfer case and M211 axles with lockers. This one wasn't for sale!


A show-goer went home with this 1952 GMC XM211 with winch 6x6 cargo truck. Alfa Heaven sold it for $9,000.


The Iola MV show is known for the rarities that show up fresh out of the woodwork. This year, a rare International M-5H-6 6x6 turned a lot of heads and was offered for $1,950. It was driven 22 miles to the show under its own power!


Chet Krause's newest addition to his Jeep collection--a Ford GPA--was delivered to the show straight from the restoration shop.


Unrestored M37s seem to always turn up at Iola. This one was offered for $3,900.


Marvin Dahlke was selling a restored M715 for $3,900.


This M1008 priced at only $3,900 stopped a lot of potential buyers.


David Kelone brought 8 M274 Mules to sell. When he left on Sunday afternoon, his trailer was much lighter.


A 1942 GPW script tub and fenders started the show priced at $450. It went home with a Chicago buyer for $150!


The members of the Milwaukee-based MMVA have participated in the show each of its 16 years.


Naturally, the Iola MV Show is the "hometown show" for Military Vehicles Magazine! That fellow sporting the handsome bowler is Ron Fitzpatrick, owner of Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts and


Mike Seymour suggested that Ron's hat become the new official headgear.


Neil Freeman of New London, WI, is selling his restored second series Ford GP. The price on it during the show was $20,250.


This GPW was seen in the French reenactor's camp. They were recreating scenes from the French-Indochina war


Mike Weaver of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, was a medic during the Vietnam War. Today, he sets up a display to show the public the sorts of jobs he had as a teenaged soldier.


80 tables were sold for the indoor gun and military relic show.


Don Smith and his dad fill several tables with quality WWII relics. Don specializes in First Special Service Force relics.


Scott Hendry displayed his 1968 Kaiser M185A3 for the first time at Iola. It's powered by a Hercules LD-465.


Marina Dahlke from Bloomer, Wisconsin, let Dave Bundy demonstrate how her Dutch 1956 DAF 126 1-ton could navigate rough terrain.


This GPA has been in the Allen family for three generations. Al Allen's dad bought the amphibious Jeep in 1956. Al and Becky's son, Brycen, is now learning how to drive and swim the "Seep."


Allied reenactors preparing to take the field on Saturday afternoon.


At the same time, German reenactors went through their pre-battle orientation and inspection.


On the way to the battlefield!


Adam Gahan's 1941 GP.


1957 M37 modified by Jim Lisner.


Delvin Wurz of Marathon, WI, displayed this 1942 Case SI Airborne tractor.


1952 M38A1 belonging to Mark Ferkey of Wisconsin Rapids, WI.


Bob Anderson and Carolyn Simpson displayed this 1984 Chevy M1010 Frontline Tactical Ambulance.


J. Peters restored this 1985 Chevrolet M1008 to the same configuration of the "End of Runway" ("EOR") trucks he used in the Air Force.


This ex-fire department 1954 M38A1 was offered for sale for $3,500.


You could have led this 1970 Goat home for $6,500.


1971 M35A2 Turbo Diesel plus an M105A2 trailer was offered for $9,500.


Some of the tables of relics offered at the 2007 show.


Amy, a "doughnut dollie," added a feminine touch to the reenactor camps and living history displays.


The "Working Wheels" portion of the show include a wide range of John Deeres.


Other tractors on display include Minneapolis-Molines, Cases, and Farmalls.


Some of the tracked farm equipment including a John Deere Lindemann crawler.


Military Vehicles and Military Trader editor John Adams-Graf topped the U.S. Army's climbing wall...he later succumbed into an exhausted heap.


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