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New Skin for Armored Vehicles?

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Jane’s Defense reports that German defense contractor IBD Deisenroth Engineering (IBD) has disclosed development of a new active armor solution designed to protect main battle tanks and medium to heavy armored fighting platforms against tandem warhead threats. Modern anti-tank weapons often have very strong penetration capabilities that render current passive armor systems unsuitable to protect main battle tanks and medium fighting platforms.

Currently, there are two technologies that have been designed to protect armored vehicles and tanks; the Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) and Active Protection Systems (APS). Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. ERA cannot sufficiently protect a vehicle against tandem-shaped charges, and APS are quite complex systems that require thorough integration with a platform.

IBD’s newly developed protection kit consists of a passive kit and SMART PROTech protection. This new protection kit launches its countermeasure as it detects the impact of a tandem warhead. IBD’s new protection system may fill the gap between current ERAs and APSs.

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