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New magazine focuses on Dakota Conflict of 1862

Scholars will disseminate their findings through Minnesota's Heritage
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A group of scholars dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of the Dakota Conflict of 1862 have started a new magazine to disseminate their research. Minnesota’s Heritage explores the Dakota Conflict of 1862 on the eve of its sesquicentennial.

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Each issue digs deeper into the most significant yet tragic events in the state’s history and makes broader connections. Objective articles from diverse viewpoints, supported by exhaustive, in-depth research, will reveal where you can learn even more.

Issues through 2012 will focus on the prelude, setting, events and aftermath of the Dakota Conflict of 1862. They will be written by local scholars and experts. Each issue will include more than 125 pages that examine site-specific research that documents Indian villages, battlefields and markers, and takes you to little known places where history happened; historic documents, letters, photos, artifacts, contemporary reports, oral histories and family stories; re-discovered primary sources, each introduced and annotated by an expert in that subject; solved/unsolved mysteries like: Was there a missing payroll? Who was John OtherDay’s white wife (or possibly wives)? How about the lost regiment? Plus, interviews with modern history makers, biographies of everyday Minnesotans affected by the Conflict and much more.

Minnesota’s Heritage is published twice a year and costs $26.78 per year (including sales tax) for Minnesota residents, or $25.00 for non-Minnesota residents. To subscribe, contact: Minnesota’s Heritage, P.O. Box 131764, Roseville, MN 55113-0020 or log onto

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