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Honeywell Wins Abrams Engine Modification Contract

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Honeywell International won a $110.9 million contract modification to revitalize engines of the US Army’s Abrams tanks. The modification provides spare parts for the Honeywell-made AGT1500 gas turbine engine for the M1 Abrams family of vehicles. Honeywell’s AGT1500 engine provides superior acceleration and mobility to the M1 Abrams, making it the platform of choice for the US Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, and many international allies. The new agreement is part of the Army’s Total Integrated Engine Revitalization or TIGER program to meet the Anniston Army Depot production of the Advanced Gas Turbine 1500 engine for the Abrams tanks and TIGER field repair site requirements. Work will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, with an estimated completion date of February 22, 2022.

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