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BAE Systems receives $145 M Bradley Reset Contract

Includes remanufacture of 551 Bradley Fighting Vehicles
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Bradley Fighting Vehicle in A3 configuration.- BAE photo

BAE Systems has received a contract for $145 million to reset 551 Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

The reset process includes replacing old and damaged equipment with updated components and restoring the vehicle to pre-combat condition. The remanufacture of the Bradley vehicles will incorporate a variety of survivability enhancements.

Reset Background and History
BAE Systems has refurbished 3,396 Bradley vehicles since 2007. Under this contract, the company will reset A3 and Operation Desert Storm Bradley models.

Some of the enhancements include an improved double pin track which extends the life of the track system, provides durability and reduces operational costs for the vehicle.

The reset vehicles will also be equipped with Bradley Urban Survivability Kits III, upgraded thermal sights, integrated digital architecture and driver vision enhancements.

Last year, the company received $95 million in funding to purchase long lead items in preparation for the vehicle reset, which brings the full amount awarded under the FY10 Bradley reset contract to $240 million.

The contract has a potential full value not to exceed $490 million.

Noted Joe McCarthy, vice president and general manager of Heavy Brigade Combat Team Systems for BAE Systems: “The Bradley is the second most survivable combat system in the Heavy Brigade Combat Team. It is critical that the vehicles receive modernized equipment and technologies that will provide additional protective enhancements for the soldier once the vehicles are deployed back into theater.”

Key Locations and Timing
Vehicle deliveries will begin in July 2010 and continue through August 2011.

Initial disassembly and subsystem rebuild will be performed at Red River Army Depot, with final disassembly and structural modifications completed by BAE Systems in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Final assembly, integration and testing will be conducted at the company’s facility in York, Pennsylvania. The contract is managed by TACOM Life Cycle Management Command.

Key facts
· The Bradley is a battle proven vehicle that has remained at the forefront of U.S. Army operations across the world for decades, playing an integral role in Iraq since the earliest stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

· According to the National Ground Intelligence Center, Bradley is the second most survivable vehicle in theatre, only behind M1 Abrams; however ahead of MRAPs.

· Bradley Combat Systems serve as a key vehicle system in the Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

· Bradleys continue to provide outstanding survivability, mobility and lethality to U.S. soldiers’.

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