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Who's Who in the Military Vehicle Hobby: AR "MV" Travelers

When restoring, driving, and preserving historic military vehicles, one of your best tools is your network. To help you establish a strong network of resources, we are pleased to present profiles of some of the hobby’s business leaders.

AR “MV” Travelers

The AR MVPA, also known as the AR “MV” Travelers, was established in September of 1991 by a small group of men in Hardy, Arkansas. It became an affiliate of the International MVPA in March of 1992. The AR MVPA has continued to grow in numbers and strength.In December 2000, membership included 19 families. With a drive for new members in 2002, the membership grew to over 100. By December 31, 2015, their membership expanded to 162 families.The club membership covers a substantial portion of Arkansas as well as numerous other states. During this same period the vehicle ownership has grown from approximately 40 to more than 500. Their vehicles are in various stages of restoration, ranging from “as found” to international convention show winners.

Their Mission:

• To preserve and restore military vehicles for current and future generations

• To exhibit our vehicles in a patriotic manner

• To honor the veterans who have served, and are serving to maintain and protect our freedom

• To instill in young people a respect for military history

• To provide enjoyment for family and friends

The AR MVPA is an extremely active club, participating in many patriotic and veteran’s support events. They also host an annual rally on Petit Jean Mt. every September where they have from 50 to over 100 vehicles on display and theyfeed all of their members from an MKT Kitchen trailer, as well as conduct trail rides and other festivities.

"We host an annual “Red Balling through the Ozarks” convoy that has had from 20 to nearly 50 vehicles participating. This convoy provides camaraderie, fun, friendship and commemorates the military convoys of the past."

"Our club membership covers all age brackets. Our events and meetings are especially family friendly. Children and spouses are active in all of our activities, in support of events, and in driving vehicles which range from M274 Mules to 6x6s. While many members are veterans, we have numerous non-veteran members. "
— Jerome Casey

Arkansas MV Travelers
Ev Harless
1279 Ada Valley Rd.,
Adona, AR 72001

When searching for parts, vehicles, information, clubs, or just want to expand your own network, be sure to check our Military Vehicles Resource Directory. can be assured these businesses share your passion for collecting, preserving, driving, and exhibiting historic military vehicles.

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