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New all-terrain MV provides speed, performance


CARY, N.C. - When the mission calls for a fast, all-terrain vehicle to transport troops and cargo across the most challenging landscapes, the new John Deere M-GatorTM A3 can get the job done.

“The John Deere M-Gator A3 has the most powerful, fastest accelerating engine in its class,” said Mitch Fincher, manager of federal and military sales. “And with 11-inches of ground clearance and 1,400 lb. payload capacity, the A3 can handle any task.”

The M-Gator A3 reaches a top speed of 32 mph (57km/h) with the 25-hp, 854cc, liquid cooled, diesel engine. To simplify battlefield fuel logistics, the A3 is also JP8 compatible.

Tough terrain is easily traversed by the M-Gator A3, with 11-inches (27.9 cm) ground clearance, 8-inches (20.4 cm) front travel, and 9-inches (22.9 cm) rear travel. The tire ball run flat tire system is standard and provides additional confidence when there’s no road to be found.

With a payload capacity of 1400 lbs. (passengers and cargo), 13 tie-down points, and fold down sides, the cargo box on the A3 can accommodate the most awkward loads. In addition, power dumping comes standard on the M-Gator A3 cargo box.

The M-Gator A3 is offered in tan for better camouflage in desert areas and arid mountain regions. It also has a standard pintle hitch, front bumper with tie down rings, and a front cargo rack with 150 lb. capacity.

Support also comes standard on the M-Gator A3. Across the globe, thousands of M-Gators have been successfully supported by the John Deere worldwide parts and delivery network.

“Thousands of M-Gators have been deployed in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Fincher. “Wherever you are, we can get a part to you.”

In addition to the M-Gator A3, John Deere offers a full line of military utility vehicles, including:

M-Gator A1 - Six-wheel design and high payload capacity for high-volume cargo movement. Includes military folding steel cargo bed. JP8/Diesel fueled.

M-Gator A2 - High ground clearance, true on-demand 4WD and custom-engineered suspension for enhanced off-road performance. Includes military folding steel cargo bed. JP8/Diesel fueled.

R-Gator - Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle is based on commercial off the shelf technology for increased reliability. Includes military folding steel cargo bed. JP8/Diesel fueled.

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