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On Display: the 2009 East Coast Rally

Photos from this year's rally in Aberdeen, Md.
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Ripken Stadium, Aberdeen, Maryland was home once again to the East Coast Rally of the Washington Area Collectors/Blue and Gray Military Vehicle Trust Affiliate of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association. The 2009 event May 21-23 was the 36th annual gathering of this event that has become an essential spring time gathering for collectors east of the Rocky Mountains.

The vendors stayed busy, with most reporting sales exceeding that of previous years. Information on next year’s event can be found:, while information about the 2010 convoy can be found at—Denise Moss

LEFT: Richard Grace showed – and later sold – this 1945 Willys MB
at the event. RIGHT: Participation in the annual East Coast Convoy
to the East Coast Rally was down this year, but those who took part in
the convoy had a great time. (David Doyle)

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LEFT: MVM’s own Nick Denardo showed of this spectacular recoilless
rifle-armed Mechanical Mule. RIGHT: Perhaps the biggest military
vehicle “accessory” at the show was this M4A1 37mm antitank gun
displayed by the team of Baker and Cliche. (David Doyle)

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LEFT: Karen Wilhelm showed this M49A2C 2-1/2 ton fuel tanker truck.
Studebaker US6 cargo truck, David Firstman.

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LEFT: 1977 Dodge M886 ambulance owned by Rusty Sours.
RIGHT: FWD HAR owned by David Firstman.

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