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Joe Sicenavage was kind enough to send us not one, but two videos of a fitting jeep escort during the 2011 Living-History Cruise on the John W. Brown.

He added…

"The John W. Brown, a 1942 troop & cargo Liberty ship, is one of two that are still operational and is used for living history cruises on the Chesapeake Bay sailing from the Port of Baltimore. Entertainment for the estimated 900 passengers aboard includes live 1940's era music, Abbott & Costello, the U.S. Navy Historical Detachment (manning the guns for a historical flyover by vintage aircraft), President Franklin D. Roosevelt, General Douglas MacArthur, Rosie the Riveter and Homeland Civic Defense personnel. The ship's cargo hold comes complete with vintage military equipment (Dodge WC62 & two 155mm Howitzers...... all still owned by the Federal Government).

Several jeeps provide a fitting military escort for both the President and the General.

The staff of the JWB allowed us to bring out 70’s era M151A2 jeep to provide a fitting military jeep escort for the WWII period re-enactors.  I worried about the mismatch of providing a Viet Nam era vehicle for a WWII event.  I was told, “There are 900 passengers on board this cruise….  If the jeep is olive drab, they will not notice the difference.

And in 20-20 hindsight, THEY DID NOT NOTICE!!!"


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