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Reader Photos September 2016


Richard Levesque posted this after driving his truck in a 2015 Memorial Day parade.


Jeff Latz sent this photo taken in 1969: “2nd Lt. J. Latz with second platoon, Charlie Troop, First Squadron, Sixth Armored Cavalry Regiment (we rail loaded tracks at Fort Meade, Md., for the training at Pickett) Sheridan tankers on the main gun tank range at Camp Pickett, Va.”


Henri Barbet wrote, “Taken during my service in Algiers in 1956, in the village of Palestro. I wasn’t unnoticed on this bike!”


Danon Dizon just sent this photo, remarking, “...just want to share a photo of my Marine Corp MB. Originally a ‘44 MB, it was converted to a Slat grill. I work for George Baxter at Army Jeep Parts. Enjoying all your photos and your great magazine!”


December 18, 1942 dated photo is described as, “Chaplain’s Trailer Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia. James Oliveri


Tom Masch shared this image taken at Hyde Park, New York, where he displayed three generations of Dodge trucks: 1918, 1944, 1952.

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