When the Climate Changes

While the news is full of reports of environmental climate change supporters and deniers, something that isn’t getting much media attention (thankfully) is the change in the military collecting environment. That is, until the last couple of years during which … More »

Remember Rough & Ready’s 4,500

One hundred seventy-two years ago today and through the night of Feb. 23 until the pre-dawn hours of the 24, the remnants of General Zachary Taylor’s small, mostly volunteer, American Army listened to what they believed would be their final … More »


GOIN’ SHOOTIN’ My big brother, Joe, often reminds me, “Any day at the range is better than a day at work.” So, when I found myself home alone on a recent Sunday morning — despite it being five below zero … More »


Top tips for historic military vehicle winter storage I know that not all of our historic military vehicle (HMV) owners live in snowy northern climates, but from my perspective these days, that is about all I see — and have … More »