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NOW THAT WE’VE successfully shuffled into 2022, here’s a look at our ten most-viewed features of 2021, published within the last year. Be sure and subscribe, renew, or gift a subscription to either Military Trader or Military Vehicles Magazine.

10. Collecting the M4 Bayonet, by Ryan Roth

Korean War black and white photo of soldiers armed with M1 carbines and bayonets

These blades gave the M1 carbine a much-needed edge in combat. This article shows you the ins and outs of collecting them, along with pricing info.

9. Military Vehicle Buyer's Guide: M1008 CUCV, by John Adams-Graf

Paul Mercier's M1008 pickup with military cover on bed.

What you need to know before you buy this vintage "off-the-shelf" military vehicle, including up-to-date pricing information.

8. Totenkopf: Nazi Germany's "Death Head" Insignia, by Chris William

Vintage photo of captured, young Waffen SS members wearing dot camouflage

Despite the strong association with Hitler’s SS, death’s head insignia were in use many years prior to WWII or even the Nazi Party. See the evolution, variations, and many known fakes.

7. Collecting M1 Helmet Liners, by Paul Sayegusa

Four rows of upturned helmet liners showing web interiors

This article provides a step-by-step process to determine the vintage of WW2 M-1 helmet liners.

6. The U.S. M8 / M8A1 Bayonet Scabbard, by Ryan Roth

Row of M8 scabbards with various knives and bayonets

Learn the differences in this “hard carrier” for bayonets and knives used for more than a half-century.

5. Buyers Guide: M274 "Mule" 1/2-ton truck, by Military Vehicles Magazine

Photo taken at 2021 Aniwa Military Vehicle Snow of a row of mules with owners at the wheel.

Versatile and way more fun than an ATV or UTV, Mule 4x4 trucks are favorite historic military vehicles. This article provides current pricing information.

4. WWII-Era M1 Helmets: A Beginner's Guide, by Paul Sayegusa

WWII photo of two American GIs rolling cigarettes. Both wear M1 helmets, one has net cover.

Are you collecting WW2 M1 helmets? This guide is full of tips and advice to help you avoid some common mistakes when identifying and buying original WWII M-1 lids.

3. Olive Drab Unicorn? The Myth of the $50 "Jeep-in-a-Crate," by John Adams-Graf

Ad from vintage magazine selling "Ex-army G503" for $50

Did the famous WWII "Surplus Jeep" for $50 only exist in the back of magazines— or was it a real opportunity?

2. The Japanese Type 99 Rifle: Tips and Values for Collectors, by Ryan Roth

Type 99 rifle, bayonet, and scabbard, right hand view.

Japanese WW2 Arisaka rifles were quality, battlefield weapons — and are eagerly sought by collectors. This article shows you what to look for...and what to avoid.

And our MOST-READ article of 2021:

1. So you wanna buy a Sherman Tank, by John Adams-Graf

Modern photo, head on, of an unrestored M4A3 in front of a steel building.

Everyone wants their own tank, but there are some serious considerations before buying one — including the cost!  This article identifies some important items to consider, along with updated pricing on these famous WWII war machines.

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