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1 - HJ Reference Cover

Book Review: The Collector’s Guide to Hitler Youth Knives and Daggers

At Last, a Comprehensive Treatment of the  Long-Ignored, Now-Sought WWII Hitler Youth Camp Knife


What will be the fate of the Graf Spee's Eagle?

The latest court ruling mandates that the Uruguayan State sells the WWII Nazi eagle to afford the reward due to the divers.


Afghanistan War Gallantry Medal Group Sold at Auction Breaks World's Record

The medals awarded to Warrant Officer Class II J. T. ‘Tommo’ Thompson, one of the most decorated soldiers of the modern era, sold for record price paid for a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC) group.


A look inside the USS Arizona Relics Program

This video highlights the USS Arizona Relics Program administered by Naval History and Heritage Command, as well as the 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. It features new footage of the ship’s relics, various interviews and historical footage, as well as a voiceover by retired Rear Admiral Samuel Cox.


Book Review: Black & Field-Gray Uniforms of Himmler’s SS, Vols 1 and 2 and Waffen-SS Camouflage Uniforms, Vols. 1 and 2

Lorenzo Silvestri’s Mammoth, Four-Volume Treatment of the uniforms of Germany's WWII SS Troops covers 1933-1945

Frontline Feature



This Spot Reaches More than 10,000 people a day.


Winners announced: Military Vehicle Magazine's “2021 All-World Virtual Military Vehicle Show”

More than 90 historic military vehicles from around the world competed for top honors and induction into the Military Vehicles Magazine Hall of Fame

Combat Rims add an amazing finishing detail to any World War 2 Jeep.

How to Mount Tires on Combat Rims for WWII Jeeps

Combat Rims add an amazing finishing detail to any WWII Jeep. Follow these steps to build a complete Combat Rim/Tire assembly!


WWII M305 Bicycle for Army and Marines

Early in WW2, the US Army Ordnance Department adopted the G-519 “Bicycle, Military, Universal in October 1942 “to provide transportation for personnel engaged in dispatch or messenger Service.”


Military Vehicle Spotlight: M4A1 High Speed Tractor

During WWII, Allis-Chalmers developed and built the 18-ton G-150 high-speed tractor to tow artillery as well as carrying the crew and ammunition. 259 were modified by moving the suspension out from the hull to accommodate duck-bill extensions to the ends of the track shoes. The military designated these variants as “M4A1” models.


You can have this WWII Jeep for FREE!

That's right, the offer is a "free WW2 Jeep" to the person who comes to haul it away