M35: A “Deuce” of a Truck!

With service spanning decades, it’s legendary by Steve Turchet   My dad, who was in the Marines during WWII and the Korean War, gave me two pieces of advice about being in the military: One, never volunteer, and two, never … More »


In military terminology, desertion is the abandonment of a duty or post without permission and is done with the intention of not returning. We have been hearing a lot about desertion, lately, as it relates to the case of Sergeant Beaudry Robert “Bowe” Bergdahl who deserted … More »

End of long range recon units

As of February, the Army has deactivated its three long-range surveillance companies in the active-duty force. In addition, the remaining four National Guard Long Range Companies will be deactivated in 2018, according the US Army. The nearly 100 soldiers in each … More »