MV Battery Care

Batteries are often some of the most misunderstood and neglected components of collector or hobbyist military vehicles, no matter if the vehicle is fully restored or simply used for weekend recreation. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. More »

MV Air Cleaner Service

Some military vehicle service and maintenance tasks are so mundane, boring, or dirty that we often tend to neglect them, or at least keep putting them off until we’re in the right mood or the stars line up. Ironically, it is often the dirty, boring, and relatively simple maintenance duties that do the most in keeping our MVs on the road, in good mechanical condition, and ensure that our vehicles have a long and dependable lifespan. More »

Happy drivers practice…Basic MV Maintenance

Good MV maintenance is a matter of getting to know one’s particular vehicle. The latter point seems to be a new concept for many folks in the U.S.A. who’ve been raised to accept planned obsolescence, where things (such as old computers) are often thrown away simply because a newer model has come out, and/or it is cheaper to buy something new than to fix something old. More »

MV Cooling System Care

A lot of people who keep their MVs spotless on the outside don’t seem to realize the importance of keeping things clean on the inside. This means everything from air filters and engine oil to the grease in wheel bearings and universal joints. It also applies to cooling systems. Most vehicles leave their factories with a cooling system that’s more than adequate for just about any climate on earth (including Death Valley in August). More »

Spring Time for MVs

The basic design of vehicle leaf springs hasn’t changed much in over a century. Until around the 1950s, the general rule for truck springs was to make them massive. Keeping the “spring” in your vehicle’s springs may take a little elbow-grease. More »