Relive the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor

Battleship Cove launches dynamic new exhibit Relive the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Using state-of-the-art special effects technology, The Pearl Harbor Experience at Battleship Cove takes you back in time to a seminal moment in our nation’s history that rallied … More »

Atten-HUT! Reviving WWII Quonset Huts

Building at Camp Hastings Living History Museum We’ve all seen, and many of us have completed, restorations of HMVs, everything from Cushman scooters to jeeps and M-series Dodges, from CCKWs and DUKWS to the random Sherman tank. But how many … More »

MV spotlight: Marmon-Herrington

The MK IV armored car A product of South Africa? No, the MK IV armored car was based on a chassis supplied by Marmon Herrington of Indianapolis, Ind. The finished vehicles incorporated a mix of both Marmon Herrington parts and … More »