Military Vehicle Spotlight: 1945 GPW 4X4

1945 GPW 4×4
Restored by Richard Grace
Photo by David Doyle

Ford GPW 1/4-ton Truck (G-503)
Gross Weight: 3,650 lbs.
Engine: Ford GPW 4-Cylinder
Displacement: 134 cu. in.
Fuel: Gasoline
Horsepower: 54 @ 4,000 rpm
Maximum Speed: 65 mph
Maximum Range: 285 miles


Once the design of the Jeep was standardized, the Government gave a production contract to Willys for its MB model. Ford received a license to put into production a copy of the Willys design which it designated the “GPW” (G=Government contract, P=80-inch wheelbase reconnaissance car and W=Willys-designed engine). Ford built the GPW at six plants.

Early production GPWs have a large, script “Ford” embossed on the rear panel. Ford discontinued embossing the rear panel in July 1942. The grille was fabricated from slats of steel until January 6, 1942, when Ford introduced the stamped grille. Total production of all Ford Jeeps numbered 277,896 vehicles.



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