Is Olive Drab the New Black?

Last May, a lot of media outlets were carrying a story that was titled something like, “Are Classic Military Vehicles a Collector’s Bargain?” Written by an insurance company, the story was picked up and repeated in various outlets. As recent … More »

Venerable Jeep

The Jeep: A landmark in motorized vehicle design and engineering typified by reliability, excellent performance, and durability. Powered by the famous “Go Devil” engine, the Jeep became synonymous with the American war effort. More than 600,000 were produced for the … More »

Bantam BRC-40 Sold: Same owner for 67 years

A Bantam that sold at auction recently was in remarkable condition, considering its role as a work vehicle for more than 67 years on Andrew Miller’s farm near Astoria, Ill. Miller purchased the Bantam Recon car from a government salvage auction at Camp Ellis, Ill., on Aug. 25, 1945.
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