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Who’s Who in the Military Vehicle Hobby: Vintage Power Wagons


 Jens Butler

Jens Butler

More than 40 years ago, David Butler bought an old Dodge Power Wagon. He figured it would make a good project to work on in his spare time. It wasn’t long, however, that he became increasingly frustrated by not finding the parts or reliable information for his Power Wagon. As he worked on his project—and found stashes of new old stock parts – Butler concluded others were having the same frustrations. This led him to establish Vintage Power Wagons in 1975 in the hope of sharing the info and extra parts he found.

What started as a hobby, has grown into a successful family business and an annual event where people from around the world travel to Iowa for a week filled with rallies, parades, and celebration of Dodge four-wheel-drive trucks dating from 1939 to about 1971. A few years ago, Butler retired and his sons, Jens and Kai, took over the family business.

Today, Vintage Power Wagons is a prominent source for NOS and good, used original Power Wagon and Dodge 4WD parts. The company is also making more and more new parts. Remembering that lack of information David encountered, Vintage Power Wagons has made sure to offer an ever-expanding selection of reprinted technical manuals and DVDs to today’s Dodge 4WD collectors, restorers, and drivers.

In addition, Vintage Power Wagon’s Fairfield, Iowa, shop is always busy working on customers old Power Wagons or rebuilding parts for them. You will find their shop services are professional and our shop time reasonable.

But that isn’t all. Jens hosts an annual gathering for Power Wagon enthusiasts. In July of 2017, the 30th Annual International Vintage Dodge Power Wagon Rally took place in the company’s hometown, Fairfield, Iowa.

Vintage Power Wagons
302 S. 7th Street,
Fairfield, IA 52556
(641) 472-4665

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