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NEW PRODUCT: E-Brake Linkage Assembly

Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts introduces e-brake linkage, engine to cylinder block plates and fan shroud parts.
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E-Brake Linkage

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E-Brake Linkage Assembly: The jeep restorer now has a choice when it comes to the e-brake linkage. Available as a complete unit or by individual pieces R.F.J.P. now has all the parts necessary to complete the restoration project. All made here in the U.S.A.

Item A5121: Another R.F.J.P. first, part # WO-A5121, the engine to cylinder block plate. This plate is an exact reproduction. It is available in both the Willys and Ford styles, with the correct markings. Also made here in the U.S.A.

Items A3615 & GPW8307: R.F.J.P. now has available the radiator fan shrouds, part #s WO-A3615 & GPW8307. These shrouds are often bent, missing or modified. Made in U.S.A. and are laser cut, faithful reproductions of the originals. Both Willys and Ford styles available.

For more info, contact Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts, P.O. Box 2453, Grants Pass, Oregon 97528; phone: 541.582.4035; Web site:

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Item A3615 (left) and Item A5121 (right)

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