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New Pennsylvania Plates for Veterans and HMVs

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PennDOT has added several new license plates to its collection honoring veterans and their service to our country. 

The Honoring Our Women Veterans plate costs $35, of which $15 goes to the Veterans Trust Fund to be used for programs and resources that assist women veterans. 

The Soldiers Medal, Presidential Service Badge and Legion of Merit plates each recognize veterans’ specific contributions during their service. These plates are available for a fee of $20. Veterans must be able to show that they are recipients of the respective awards. 

Veterans from other countries can apply for a Veterans of an Allied Foreign Country plate, also available for a fee of $20. 

The above plates may only be used on passenger vehicles and trucks with a registered gross weight of not more than 14,000 pounds. 

Motorcycle owners can now get the Purple Heart Medal Motorcycle plate, which displays the words “Combat Wounded Veteran” across the bottom. To get the plate, applicants must be able to prove they received a Purple Heart Medal and pay the $11 fee. 

Another new one is the Historic Military Vehicle plate, which is available for antique or classic vehicles manufactured for use in any country’s military forces. The vehicles must be maintained to represent their original military design and markings. This plate is available for both historic military vehicles and historic military motorcycles for $75. 

For more information about plates for veterans and how to apply for them, visit, click on “Vehicle Services” and look under “Registration Plates.”

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