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Military Vehicles Magazine drives hobby forward

2011 Ambassador issue coming in March
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In 2010, Military Vehicles Magazine published a special bonus issue targeted at people who were interested in getting a start in the hobby. We printed and distributed 18,000 copies in the hope that readers would be inspired to investigate the joy and pleasure of collecting, restoring and using historic military vehicles.

The results were inspiring. MV clubs and businesses reported that they were receiving inquiries from new prospective members and customers as a result of the Ambassador issue. We are proud of that success but aren’t content to stop there. So, we are developing a second “Ambassador" issue that we will publish and distribute in March 2011—just in time for clubs, businesses and shows to promote themselves at the beginning of the 2011 military vehicle season.

Just like the 2010 Ambassador issue, this new edition will provide guidance to prospective new members of the hobby through stories dealing with choosing the right vehicle, insurance, restoring, showing and enjoying the camaraderie of the HMV hobby. In addition, price guides, a complete 2011 calendar of events, and directory of dealers and clubs will be useful for the new HMVer or the veteran collector.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to feature business, show or club to new blood! Contact Tom Polzer today to determine the best way to present yourself to the next generation of enthusiasts for preserving, restoring, showing and driving historic military vehicle. Email Tom at: or give him a call at 1-888-457-2873 ext 13321. Deadline is Feb. 14, 2011!

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