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Live From the Krause Jeep Auction


It's about 11:30am and a storm just passed through. The auction begins at 3:00PM. right now, a break in the clouds and a lot of people are inspecting vehicles.

The Aumann Auction people just started registering bidders and said that they have about 50 bidders outside of the U.S.

A lot of folks are wondering about the GPA. This is a number one restoration and Chet spared no expense. The chances of him seeing a full return on investment seem remote, but we will see. Supply of number 1 restored GPAs is low, so no way to determine a price. I will not be surprised by bids hitting $180 thousand.

Also stirring a lot of activity and discussion in the 4-wheel steer Ford GP. Talk is bids will hit $45,000, but $60,000 would not surprise me.

Folks are concerned about the weather, but it really is not an issue. Those who are here to buy would weatther any store. The weather might wean some of the bargain shoppers, but what the heck...this isn't gonna be a "bargain auction".

More to follow...

John A-G

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