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Be an HMV Ambassador

Military Vehicles Magazine is publishes  “Ambassador Issue” to introduce people to the joy of collecting, restoring and driving historic military vehicles. This special, bonus issue will present articles for the new and veteran enthusiasts that will cover such important topics like “Choosing your First vehicle,” “The Right Tools for the Job,” “How To Inspect a Vehicle Before you Buy” and “Insurance: Don’t be Caught without it.” Here’s how you can help.

In addition to articles like those listed above, we have found the most important thing that helps new people decide to join the hobby are first-hand accounts from hobby members. We want you to write your “From the Field” experiences that describe what got you in the hobby, some of the benefits you have had, or even some of the pitfalls you have encountered. We are in the final throes of compiling the 2012 Ambassador issue, so we need your stories right now.


Send your story (no more than 1,300 words) along with two or three photographs (900 pixels x 1200 pixels minimum) directly to our editor at We can’t guarantee that John will be able to use every story he receives in the Ambassador issue, but last year, the extras he received he published in subsequent issues of MVM. No good stories go to waste around hear!

So, be an HMV Ambassador…It is as easy as telling your story. Maybe your tale will be just the one that brings one more person into the OD fraternity of those who, “collect, drive and preserve” historic military vehicles. Keep ‘em rolling…be an HMV Ambassador.

In addition to being sent to all of Military Vehicles Magazine’s subscribers, this special bonus issue will be made available to clubs and shows to utilize as a recruiting tool.

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