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Back in early 2020, the staff of Military Vehicles Magazine looked for ways to keep our hobby vibrant and engaging. 

One of those efforts was the creation of the “All-World Virtual Military Vehicle Show. Using Facebook’s “Groups” feature, we invited our 42,000+ followers to participate by posting photos of their vehicles and vote for their favorites by “liking.”

Based on the popularity of that show, we decided to make the online military vehicle rally an annual event. We partnered with two sponsors, The Museum of American Armor and to invite participants to enter the 2021 All World Vehicle Show. 

The Museum of American Armor, a co-Sponsor of the 2021 All-World Online Military Vehicle Show.

The Museum of American Armor, a co-Sponsor of the 2021 All-World Online Military Vehicle Show.

Over the next following eight months, enthusiasts from all over the world entered more than 90 vehicles. Nearly 10,000 visitors cast votes for their favorite vehicles. We are delighted to share these photos of the top vote-receiving vehicles as well a recap of all the entrants.  

Thanks to all who participated and to our sponsors, The Museum of American Armor and, All of you made this show possible! Together, we strive to preserve the memories of veterans who relied o. these vehicles to "Keep 'em rolling!", a co-Sponsor of the 2021 All-World Online Military Vehicle Show., a co-Sponsor of the 2021 All-World Online Military Vehicle Show.

2021 All World Virtual MV Show: Winners

Top Vote winners received a certificate, dash plaque, 1-year subscription to Military Vehicles Magazine, and a laminated MVM Hall of Fame window sign.

TOP VOTES: 1/4-ton Jeeps

M38A1 1953 Mike Newberry

Mike Newberry's 1953 M38A1 with 448 votes

Runner Up: 1/4-ton Jeeps

SAS Jeep John Neuenburg

John Neuenburg's SAS Jeep with 342 votes 

TOP VOTES: Trucks, 1/2-3/4-ton

M37 Keith Gabrielson 246 votes

Keith Gabrielson's 2953 M37 with 246 votes

Runner Up: Trucks, 1/2 to 3/4-ton

Mike Campbell 1954 M37 147 votes

Mike Campbell's 1954 M37 with 147 votes

TOP VOTES: Trucks, 1 to 2-ton

M725 Dave Schwarz

Dave Schwarz's 1967 M725 with 174 votes 

 Runner Up: Trucks, 1 to 2-ton

Carl Strickler's 1967 M725

 Carl Strickler's 1967 M725 with 38 votes

TOP VOTES: Trucks, 2-1/2-ton and Larger

1990 M36A2 Scott Penniman

Scott Penniman's 1990 M36A2  with 108 votes

Runner Up: Trucks 2-1/2-ton and Larger

1942 Autocar U7144 Randalll Gorset

 Randalll Gorset's 1942 Autocar U7144

TOP VOTES: Armor / Tracked

Dave Chaney's 1969 V100 Commando

Dave Chaney's 1969 V100 Commando with 250 votes

Runner Up: Armor / Tracked

M2A1 1942 Autocar half-track Russ Cihlar

Russ Cihlar's M2A1 1942 Autocar half-track with 181 votes 

TOP VOTES: All Other Vehicles (TIE)

Indian 640 John Neuenburg

 John Neuenburg's Indian 640 with 183 votes 

1941 Oldsmobile Rob Frederick

Rob Frederick's 1941 Oldsmobile with 183 votes

Runner Up: All other vehicles

Alan Jacobus' Case SI tractor in front of a mountain range, right hand front view

Alan Jacobus' Case SI Airborne 1943 with 111 votes


We want to thank everyone who participated. This has been a lot of fun. We were able to see vehicles from around the world. 

To share them all with you, we have created the galleries organized in our judging categories. The vehicles appear in no special order and do not reflect the number of "votes" received.

Thank you to all who entered and voted. This has been a really fun show. We hope you enjoyed "going to the show" while remaining safe in your own home.

Based on the popularity of this show, we will host another All World Vehicle Show. Log onto our Military Vehicles Magazine's Facebook page and watch for details. Or, subscribe to our FREE Militar-E-News for announcements and all the latest in hobby news.

Be safe and “Keep ‘em rolling!”

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