London blitzed in 2018

London’s City Airport was closed Monday, February 12, 2018, following the discovery of an unexploded WWII-era bomb in the River Thames. Metropolitan Police said the ordnance—believed to be a German 500kg fused device—was found at King George V Dock during … More »

WWII Luftwaffe Badges

They denoted both skill and valor by Chris William When Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime began their war of European conquest, one of the Wehrmacht’s (military) sections that was to play a key role in the new form of … More »

WWII Dust Respirators

After mechanization, an indispensable piece of equipment By Harold Rartzburg It is uncommon to see a WWII display of U.S. GI equipment that includes a dust mask or respirator. Admittedly, you don’t see them much in combat photos of the … More »

M35: A “Deuce” of a Truck!

With service spanning decades, it’s legendary by Steve Turchet   My dad, who was in the Marines during WWII and the Korean War, gave me two pieces of advice about being in the military: One, never volunteer, and two, never … More »

Foreign Workers in the Reich

They kept the wheels of war turning By Chris William Soon after Adolf Hitler’s armed forces marched into Poland to begin the war in Europe, the need for a dramatic buildup in the number of soldiers became obvious for their … More »

British Mark V* Bicycle

Some real “pedal power” by Jeff Rowsam When the two-wheeled bicycle (as we know it today) became popular before WWI, most major world armies found military applications for this new transportation mode. Today, however, visitors to historic military events tend … More »

Military Vehicles Spotlight: Bailey Bridge

Reenactors on Original Bailey Bridge 194X Jeep restored by David Dorson Bailey Bridge over Grand River, Windsor, Ohio Photograph by David Dorson   Bailey Bridge Panel length: 10-foot-long 5-foot-high Panel weight: 570 lbs Floor transoms: 19-foot-long Floor stringers: 10-foot-long Roadbed: … More »