Foreign Workers in the Reich

They kept the wheels of war turning By Chris William Soon after Adolf Hitler’s armed forces marched into Poland to begin the war in Europe, the need for a dramatic buildup in the number of soldiers became obvious for their … More »

U.S. armor returns to Europe

US Army M1 main battle tanks and support equipment began arriving in Europe on January 8th as part of a nine-month rotation of a US Armored Brigade. The lead elements of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT), 4th Infantry … More »

Pulled from a river in Poland

by Mateusz Sakowicz (Editor’s note: In the June 2015 issue of Military Vehicles, Mateusz Sakowicz presented the story of a Sherman “Firefly” restored to driving condition in Poland. We are honored to have another story about of another fascinating vehicle … More »