The Art of War

Exploring trench art’s enduring legacy By Jessica Leigh Brown Thousands of miles from home, servicemen and women inevitably dream of families, cherished memories and hopes for the future. Out of this longing for something beautiful in the midst of a … More »

Turkish Leopards Face Resistance

Germany has come under pressure to cancel a contract with Turkey to upgrade its German-built Leopard II tanks, following the commencement of an offensive by Turkey into northern Syria against the Kurdish YPG. Dubbed Operation Olive Branch, the offensive into … More »

Foreign Workers in the Reich

They kept the wheels of war turning By Chris William Soon after Adolf Hitler’s armed forces marched into Poland to begin the war in Europe, the need for a dramatic buildup in the number of soldiers became obvious for their … More »

Fake Alert! 1870 Iron Cross

1870 IRON CROSS, 2nd Class These are coming out of Germany sold as “originality unknown,” for around $55. The crosses are artificially aged and rusted. Telltale signs are imperfections revealing that the frame and core are cast as one piece, … More »

Decade largest shipment of ammo to Europe

NORDENHAM, Germany–In the largest single Europe-bound U.S. shipment of ammunition in 10 years, the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, with enterprise partner the 598th Transportation Brigade, transported over 5,000 tons of ammunition from the port of Nordenham to the Theater Logistics … More »