Military Vehicle Spotlight: 1962 Ford M151

1962 Ford M151
Owned by Larry and Bonita Elasser
Photographed by John Adams-Graf


G-838 M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck (MUTT)

Weight: 2,140 lbs
Engine: Inline, 4 cylinders
Displacement: 141.5 cu. in.
Horsepower: 71 @ 3,800 rpm
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Capacity: 17.3 gallons
Maximum speed: 66 mph
Maximum range: 300 miles

In 1951, the U.S. Army contracted Ford Motor Company to develop a new type of light utility truck that would incorporate the automotive industry’s latest innovations. The M151 was intended to be a lightweight, high-mobility replacement for the M38A1, itself a successor to the famed World War II jeep.

Ford eventually settled on a design that combined a unibody with all-around independent suspension. Ford began production of the M151 in March 1960. A decade later, in 1962, Willys Motors underbid Ford and began producing the first of 14,625 M151 trucks. They won a second contract in December to produce a further 9,800 units.

This particular vehicle was restored and marked as a remembrance the Larry Elasser’s service as a Military Policeman assigned to Co. A, 385th MP Bn., 7th Army. He joined the unit in Bremerhaven, West Germany, on the Fourth of July, 1963.

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