Army Wreckers

Vehicles break down–on the highway and on the battlefield. Likewise, heavy objects need to be lifted in many areas. It is no surprise that the military often used one vehicle for both jobs, describing the trucks as “wrecker-cranes.” More »

Victory in Indiana

Two and a half hours equally distanced from Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis in the small Indiana town of Auburn, is one of the largest collections of WWII-era military vehicles in this country. More »

MVs Roll Into Dixie

The Dixie Division Military Vehicles Club held its 8th annual “Steel Soldiers at the Ironworks” vehicle rally at Tannehill State Park on November 2-3, 2007 in Bucksville, Alabama. The rally site has a longtime military association, as Tannehill was once the site of an important ironworks supplying goods to the Confederacy. More »