Vietnamese Star of the November Revolution

To recognize prominent participants in the November revolution in Vietnam, the junta generals commissioned the production of a special decoration. Since only one prototype was ever made, however, The Vietnamese Star of the November Revolution is the rarest decoration to emerge from the Vietnam war. More »

The Gunther Prien plaquette

One of the most audacious and incredible submarine exploits of World War II took place a little more than a month into the war. On the night of Oct. 13 and 14, 1939, the German submarine U47 managed to enter the British Royal Navy’s fleet anchorage at Scapa Flow … More »

Higgins PT Boat Badge

These PT boat badges, though unofficial, were prized by their owners and would make a rare and welcome addition to any collection of PT boat memorabilia. Unfortunately, like the men who wore them, they were “expendable” and are not easily found today. More »