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Experience World War I air show


The Virginia Beach Airport will once again serve as home for a World War One airshow Sept. 21-23. Those attending Biplanes and Triplanes will have the unique opportunity to view flights of airplanes from a by-gone era -- including rarely seen aircraft from the First World War.

In addition, enthusiasts will also enjoy military ground re-enactors, vehicles, armor and artillery displays, flight demonstrations, lots of food, music and entertainment from the early days of the last century.

Other highlights include:

Journey to the dawn of aerial combat…
Less than a dozen years after the invention of the first frail airplane to lift into the sky of nearby Kitty Hawk, NC, young men were jousting over the trenches of France in primitive wood and fabric aeroplanes.

Immerse Yourself…
Come to experience re-enactors and live musical entertainment from the early days of Vaudeville and the birth of the movie industry. This was an era now romanticized by authors and Hollywood, but experience it yourself at the Military Aviation Museum, when you go back in time and see these First World War airplanes flying once again.

Hot Air Balloons and so much more…
Hot air balloons were used as observation and communication posts along the Western Front, and in London, they suspended groups of balloons by steel cables to prevent plane from getting close enough to bomb parts of the city. See a collection of hot air balloons at the air show this weekend!

Also catch the vehicles, armor, and artillery demonstrations, and shop for military collectibles and memorabilia.

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