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Wisconsin MV license plate fee reduced to $5

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Wisconsin Military Vehicle collectors worked with the legislature and the DOT creating the Wisconsin Historic Military Vehicle License plate in 2010. Registration have been steady each year since. 

The legislation that created the new HMV plate required a development cost of $11,800. The cost is needed to develop the system hardware, forms and software in the DOT system. Until now, the price per vehicle for Wisconsin Historic Military plates was $30. A portion of that fee, $25 for each registration went to satisfy the development cost.

We were recently notified by the Wisconsin DOT that fees from sales of the Wisconsin Historic Military Vehicle license have satisfied the development cost for the HMV plates.

Wisconsin HMV owners who select the Historic Military Plate option will now pay $5 for the vehicle plate. 

Under the law, a vehicle registered under this section may only be used for special occasions such as display and parade purposes, club activities, exhibitions, and tours, including traveling to and from such events, for necessary testing, maintenance, and storage purposes, and for occasional personal use, but not for regular transportation. 

The "occasional personal use" amendment was added after the original law was created. Low cost and fewer restrictions make the Wisconsin HMV registration an attractive option for HMV owners.

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