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War and Peace Show to remain alive

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A week or so ago, we reported on Rex Cadman’s announcement to end the famous UK military show, War & Peace Revival. At the time, postings on the show’s Facebook page intimated that there were talks with interested parties to transfer ownership.

Current War & Peace (W&P) owners, Cadman and Barbara Shea, said they had they had been inundated since then with offers from people who wanted to take over the event. After long consideration, they announced that the show will continue next year, run by John Allison, organizer of the British Shooting Show held every February.

A BBC report on the transfer of power quoted Cadman who said, "We were left with a really positive feeling that if anyone was going to take over organizing War and Peace, then these were the people to do it." He concluded with, "We hoped they would take it further, so are delighted that they did."

The show appears to be in capable hands. The same BBC report quoted the new organizer, Mr. Allison, “I'm very aware that we are just custodians of this incredible show and we are very much looking forward to becoming part of the next step in the history of War and Peace."

Cadman posted the following on the War & Peace’s Facebook:

Following our announcement on 23 June of our impending retirement, we were overwhelmed by the number of people that came forward expressing an interest to buy War and Peace. We had some incredible offers from big businesses and organisations that totally took us by surprise.

Having recovered from our surprise, it became apparent to us that the future of War and Peace was not about how much, but about finding the right custodian for its future. Both Barbara and I and the team feel we have found the right people to take up what we are leaving behind and move it forward into a new glorious future that all of you will want to support and be a part of the show that you have created.

We are currently concluding negotiations with a potential new owner/organizer of War and Peace. However, I can confirm that contrary to some of the rumors we are hearing, this is NOT the Hop Farm. We have spent the past eight months in discussion with the Hop Farm management but with no successful conclusion. The Hop Farm has stated that they have no desire to own War and Peace but would welcome its return on their terms.

We understand they are talking with various people about holding a military show but this will not be War and Peace – or anything like War and Peace!

Judging by the many hundreds of emails that we have received, in the opinion of the military vehicle world – there is only one War and Peace. We now understand just how much it means to you. Barbara and I will work tirelessly to support the new organizers in ensuring your show continues – no matter where it might be.

Our current negotiations are with a fantastic company with really lovely people who we know will do their very best to continue War and Peace in its true vein and who love the show as much as we all do. This company was the first to approach us and we strongly hope that they will be the new custodians – the next generation of organizers need to understand what they are taking on and we believe that they will look after your and our show!

Barbara and I and all of the War and Peace team – will support the new custodians for at least 12 months and give them all the guidance that they need. So rest assured that while we have stepped down, we will still be in the background if needed. War and Peace will carry on with our continued input.

That’s all the news I can give you for now, but I will give a further update when I can. In the meantime, we’re working very hard as we move towards the last Rex Cadman Presents and very much look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks!
With love and best wishes,
— Rex, Barbara, and the War and Peace team.

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