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Who's Who in Military Vehicles: Mechanical Mules of America

Mechanical Mules of America

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The crew at Mechanical Mules of America, Inc. rebuilds M274 Military Mules. They believe that they are the only full time military mule rebuilding facility left in the world.

Mechanical Mules of America’s mules are complete mules as released by USMC. They are not created out of used parts and they are very low hour mules. They were put into “moth ball” by the military. Therefore, when you buy a military mule from Mechanical Mules of America, you are its first civilian owner.

Located in Hamilton, Montana, the crew at Mechanical Mules takes each machine out of “moth balls.” They unseal the previously sealed openings, inspect, and disassemble each machine to determine its needs.

Each engine is removed from the mule and installed on a test stand, where it is checked. A new carburetor and a fuel pump are installed on each and every engine, as well as any other necessary parts needed to bring the mule to its original optimal performance.

Then the crew transfers the mule to a rotisserie where they replace any questionable parts and install a 12V electric system with starter, alternator, battery, and lights (front and rear). The attention to detail is to create a reconditioned unit that will give you dependable service.

Mechanical Mules of America also provides the parts to keep these original USMC Mules rolling. The entire staff of Mechanical Mules of America believes that restoring mechanical mules is preserving an important part of American history.

Mechanical Mules of America
Terry Markarian
P.O. Box 1009
Hamilton, MT 59840

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