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Who’s Who in the Military Vehicle Hobby:

 Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Mark Smith and his family have been involved in the online Jeep business for more than 17 years. About a decade ago, he decided to establish to satisfy his customers who are military Jeep enthusiasts.

He describes himself as the “Sr. Systems Administrator and Head Honcho” of the small, family-run business that he started in 2010 and consists of three web sites (, and He insists, however, that his lovely wife, Joan (also the company’s bookkeeper), puts up with all his nonsense just so everyone can enjoy buying, selling, and reading about Jeeps!. He will admit, however, it takes a larger crew than just him and Joan. In fact, their three children, Mark Jr., Thomas (Tom), and Brad all pitch in with mechanical, fabrication, photography, video, journalism, artwork, and programming so that the web sites all function and provide engaging content for their viewers.

Their 1978 Jeep J20 with 1978 Mapleleaf slide-in truck camper serves as the Corporate Headquarters. Mark says, “You can find us running day to day business and shipping product right out of the back of our camper, as the saying goes ‘only in a Jeep’.” The J20 and camper also serve as the family’s “Jeep Inn” and a place to conduct business during all of the many Jeep shows and rally they attend.

When he isn’t busy with business or Jeep activities, Mark does enjoy a few other hobbies including history, archaeology, fishing, shooting bow and gun, metal working, wrenching on Jeeps and restoring their truck camper. His favorite rally to attend is the World War II Weekend at Reading, Penn.

Mark would like MVM readers to know is a family-operated, online resource for military Jeeps, Willys, Kaiser, AMC, and “Parts For Sale.” “It is the original home of Free Classified Jeep Ads and their Jeep Shows and Events listing is the largest on the web.”

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