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Who’s Who in the Military Vehicle Hobby: Vintage Military Vehicles

 John Ferrie

John Ferrie

Coming out of the Army in 1982, John Ferrie made a hobby that he loved into a business, specializing as a vintage military vehicle locator and restoration business. He seems to possessa special ability for locating viable restoration projects. Due to the local climate, John finds vehicles that are some of the most rust-free in North America. He often finds them in almost complete, original condition.

John also completes many restorations of the vehicles he sells each year. Many of John’s projects have been featured in movies and can be found in museums.

Over the last 35 years, he estimates he has found good homes for more than 600 vehicles, including Brazil, Japan, Europe, Canada, and other locations.

Vintage Military Vehicles does sell restored vehicles, as well. For John and his team, a typical restoration involves bringing a vehicle back to good cosmetic and running condition. He removes any non-original modifications and replaces missing drawing on Vintage Military Vehicle’s extensive parts collection.

John wants MVM readers to know, “We offer mostly United States WWII, Korean War era, and Vietnam War era light vehicles. However, we do sometimes come across some pretty rare and interesting stuff!”

John Ferrie
Vintage Military Vehicles
PO Box 1562
Fort Collins, CO 80522

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