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Who’s Who in the Military Vehicle Hobby: Memphis Equipment Company

Started right after the end of World War II in 1946, the Tennessee-based company has specialized in U.S. military 4x4 and 6x6 trucks and parts.
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Memphis Equipment Company was started in 1946, right after the end of World War II. From the beginning, the company has specialized in U.S. military 4x4 and 6x6 trucks and parts.

Memphis Equipment has a complete inventory of military vehicle spare parts for sale. They stock military vehicle parts including engines, transmissions, axles, brake parts, electrical components, cab tops, canvas tops, doors, hoods, fenders, replacement cab panels, and military tires. Their inventory consist of new, rebuilt and NOS (“new old stock”) military surplus vehicle parts for army surplus vehicles including: Dodge M37, Kaiser Jeep M715s, Chrolet M1008 CUCV, AM General M998 HMMWV, GMC M135/M211 2-1/2-ton trucks; Reo / Studebaker /Kaiser Jeep / AM General 2-1/2-ton trucks / IHC / Mack / Kaiser Jeep / AM General 5-ton 6x6 trucks; Consolidated Diesel 10-ton 6x6 trucks; Oshkosh M911 HET 8x6 trucks; and AM General M915 series trucks.The company offers 6x6 trucks in reconditioned and remanufactured “fully processed” categories.

Memphis Equipment offers military 2-1/2 ton 6x6 trucks and 5-ton 6x6 trucks in reconditioned and remanufactured categories. The company’s service department staff which has numerous combined years of experience, turn out quality trucks that are guaranteed. If you need an all wheel drive truck for a tough off the road job, Memphis Equipment can build like no one else. Their service department can also assist you with helpful advice when working on your military vehicle.

Located in downtown Memphis, TN, the company is an employee-owned corporation. The one thing that Memphis Equipment Company wants MVM readers to know is, “We totally specialize in military trucks!”

Memphis Equipment Company
766 South B.B. KING Boulevard
Memphis, TN38106

memphis Equipment Company

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