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Sweden’s 120 mm Mjolner

 Sweden's new CV9040 undergoing testing of the Mjolner twin 120 mm mortar turret. #BAESystems, #Hagglunds, #CV9040, #MilitaryVehicle, #Armor

Sweden's new CV9040 undergoing testing of the Mjolner twin 120 mm mortar turret. #BAESystems, #Hagglunds, #CV9040, #MilitaryVehicle, #Armor

BAE Systems Hagglunds’ CV90 twin 120 mm Mjolner mortar system tests have begun. This will lead to the Critical Design Review (CDR), probably by the end of 2017. Following the CDR and any changes indicate, the design process will be completed and production can begin. The Mjolner system will enter Swedish Army service as the GRKPBV90.

Production of the twin 120 mm Mjolner turret systems will start at BAE System’s Hagglunds facility in 2018 with deliveries to run through 2020. The twin-barrel, breach-loaded mortar system can engage targets at more than 10 km with conventional unguided or smart ammunition. It also provides a multiple round simultaneous impact capability of up to 14 impacts simultaneously and provides high rates of fire.

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When deployed, eight of the 120 mm Mjolner mortar systems will be assigned to each of Sweden’s five CV9040 mechanized battalions. A Bv 206 tracked articulated all terrain load carrier carrying an additional 120 mm mortar ammunition will be assigned to each Mjolner syetem.

Because the mortars are breech-loading, they cannot fire standard muzzle-loaded mortar rounds. Rounds feature a "short stub case" at the base of the fins, similar to a sabot. Ammo will include 120 mm high-explosive (HE), smoke, and illuminating projectiles. The 120mm mortars are also fire-capable for the Strix 120 mm top attack mortar bomb. The Strix has a maximum range of 7,500 m and is fitted with a nose-mounted infrared seeker and a high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead.

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